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Promotional/Sex Education Items

Sex Ed 101: Education Kit

Sex Ed 101—a Collection of Sex Education Lessons (Code 5006)
This latest educational kit, Sex Ed 101, includes everything in an easy-to-use carry/display case. The teaching manual, Sex Ed 101, covers many topics important to safer sex, such as abstinence, condom use, sexual practices, and STI and HIV/AIDS prevention. It also addresses building healthier relationships through developing decision making, communication, goal setting and other lifestyle skills. Suitable for preteens on up, the lessons are flexible so the materials can be adapted to suit the level of your participating group. The kit also includes a LifeStyles® Brand Condoms T-shirt, penis demonstration model, 50 How to Use Leaflets, LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms and a supply of brochures for distribution.
  • You can order promotional/educational teaching aids along with your regular condom/medical glove order.
Wooden Penis Educational Demo Model Wooden Penis Educational Demo Model 5000
Discreet Condom Carrying Case Discreet Condom Carrying Case
Holds 2–4 condoms, 75 wallets per box (20 boxes per case)
New Teaching Sexual Education Manual (Sex Ed 101) New "SEX ED 101" Teaching Sex Education Manual
Designed to help young people and adults feel more confident and competent dealing with sexual and social issues. Each lesson within the sex education manual contains objectives, rationales, recommended materials and step-by-step procedures.
  LifeStyles® Brand Condoms T-Shirts (One Size Fits All) 5001
  “How to Use” Instruction Leaflet
Easy-to-read, illustrated, English with Spanish translation, 500 per box (50 per pack, 10 packs per box)